A Gloomy Satanic Sunday

One winter, years ago, I was at the Elbo Room for Anton LaVey’s daughter Karla’s annual Black X-mas party. Upon my arrival upstairs, a random,  small toilet plunger flew from out of nowhere like a me-seeking missile, and bounced hilariously off of my chest. A direct hit!  As I turned, laughing, to head back towards the stage, Miss LaVey (who also seemed to come from out of nowhere) bumped smack into me and spilled my drink all over my shoes. Apologies, names, and pleasantries were exchanged, then, with no more than a snap of her fingers, she had my drink replaced. And she even made it a double!

And THAT, kids, is the story of how I was baptized by the sweetheart Spawn of  Satan(ists).

Now, please enjoy this video of  Anton LaVey’s hauntingly beautiful rendition of the suicide classic, “Gloomy Sunday,” set to scenes from Polanski’s masterpiece of madness, Repulsion. It’s the final track off of his album Strange Music (which can be heard in its entirety here),  and features the vocals of his then special lady friend, Blanche Barton. It’s amazing.


Big thanks to icoulddietomorrow for turning me on to this treasure.

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