From The Vault – SRL Edition

On April 4th, 1992,  ground was broken for the construction of  the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with a performance by the one and only Survival Research Labs. My mom was on hand to capture it all on camera, as she was for many events like this around the city. Remember when there were artists here? I miss that…

More from The Vault will be posted as it’s unearthed, but until then, observe the mighty V-1, shown here in the midst of total burnination!


Dear god, what I would give to get five minutes alone that thing…

More pictures, (taken by different people), can be seen here, on SRL’s official website.

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  1. My friends thought I was weird for wearing a long overcoat to an SRL show. When the chum-spewing robot sprayed us all with ground up fish parts, they realized I was pretty smart for wearing a long overcoat to an SRL show.

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