Fire Walk With Me

This weekend, my camera and I were fortunate enough to gain entrance to 144 Taylor st., the location of the legendary Original Joe’s since 1937. Charred and skeletal, the  remains of this Tenderloin institution still speak of a storied history. In places, the sadness of loss seemed to resonate from the blackened timbers and crumbling plaster, the owner’s accounts now saddled with the burden of  the most sudden of expenses, fire.

But Original Joe’s has now re-opened on Stockton and Union, and up from the ashes of it’s former location the proverbial phoenix shall rise, as personified in this case by the theatrical artisans of Piano Fight.

They are good people. Go see their upcoming play “Duck Lake”.  I can’t tell you much more about it other than the fact that at one point in the production, a duck will be launched out of someone’s ass.  And really, do you need another reason to go?

And now without further adieu, fire damage porn!

Unactivated fire alarms.

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  1. [...] will be restored and transformed into a theater space when PianoFight is done remodeling. See beautiful “fire damage porn” photos by Jenner Davis at Last Call, San [...]

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