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The Forgotten Fringe

Posted in History, Kindred souls, San Francisco with tags , , , , , on September 17, 2010 by Jenner Davis

Historically, San Francisco has always been enriched by the stories of the colorful characters who lived here, from the long ago legend of Emperor Norton, to the more contemporary eccentric, Frank Chu.  I have known a few personally. They were weird. They were good people. Here are a couple links to their stories.

Grimes Poznikov, the Human Jukebox,

and The Emperor Arcadia of China Basin.

David Bradbury Hanning  was a man with a message, and though I never knew him personally, someone else did, and wrote a blog about him.

I share these stories with you hoping that when the bulldozers have had their way, and the whitewashing is complete, they will not be forgotten.


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